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ID Service Name Group Description Checked
1345 IAR - Back Office Files (BOS) Agency
1346 My ARC ARC Service Incidents and Maintenance affecting access to My ARC will also affect access to any tools accessed via the My ARC Tool list
1360 ARC Pay Hub Agency formerly known as Agents Choice
1363 Memo Manager (AMM) ARC Service
1365 Carrier Dashboard Airline
1366 Document Retrieval Service (DRS) ARC Service
1368 DataMotion - Secure email ARC Service
1370 IAR Agency IAR is unavailable daily from 3:00AM to 4:00AM ET while standard system maintenance is performed. On Sundays, this maintenance window may be extended up to 7:00AM
1372 ARC Corporate Website ARC Service
1375 ARC Network - All Web Access ARC Service
1761 Customer Care Center ARC Service
1781 Accreditation Agency
1782 Internet Sales Summary Agency
1783 My ARC Admin ARC Service
1833 UAT ARC Service
2224 Carrier Ticketing Authority Center (CTAC) Airline
2372 Market Locator Other
2373 ARC Agency List ARC Service
2517 CTAC Hourly GDS Updates GDS
3195 Business Continuity ARC Service
3744 TCNService Other The ATPCO web service
4409 IAR API API Platform API to update IAR transactions
4410 Memo Manager API API Platform API to access Memo Manager
4411 Ticketing Authority API API Platform API to query on an agency’s authority to ticket
4479 Airline BI Airline
4866 Online Carrier Reports (OCR) Airline
4871 Carrier Accounting Tape (CAT) Generation Airline
5697 Direct Data Solutions (DDS) ARC Data and Analytics DDS and IDV5 output
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