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2020-07-16 05:40:00 EDT




Major Performance Issue

Current Status


Services Impacted

- Document Retrieval Service (DRS)


ARC Severity 1 - The Louisville Teradata system is currently experiencing a Major Functionality Issue
The Louisville Teradata system is currently running at 75% capacity due to a node failure. 1 of 4 nodes is currently unavailable. The system is running and jobs are executing but there may be slower than normal response. Teradata support is engaged and is working to get a replacement part to bring the node back online. We do not have an ETA at this time on getting the part.
Incident INC0086179 has been opened. Next update within 2 Hours


2020-07-16 16:19:23 EDT

Due to lack of available flights, the part had to be sent via overnight courier. We should receive it sometime tomorrow. We have seen some limited slow response in places, but nothing critical. We will continue monitoring to minimize customer impact. Next update will be provided tomorrow when we receive the part and get it installed.

2020-07-16 13:08:49 EDT

ARC Severity1 - The support teams are still working to resolve the issue.
We still do not have an ETA on the necessary part arriving. At best it appears that it will be later this evening or tomorrow. There have been no serious adverse effects to running on 3 nodes at this point. This will be the last update for now until we get the part installed, or if any serious issues arise. Details will be logged in the Incident record.